Re-upholstery Process for your Home Furniture

spencer_heroFurniture is the most popular and essential household items such as chairs, sofas, tables, and more available in all homes. If you have the home furniture in the bad upholstery condition, you just don’t worry because you can simply replace the upholster by your own. For this purpose, you don’t need to hire the professional upholstery installer, or buy the ready made upholstery fabric. You just follow these instructions given by the experts to reupholster your home furniture.

Beginning procedures for making new upholstery:

  • Initial preparations – At the beginning, you have to choose the best type of furniture which has a very bad upholstery condition and require the replacement of the upholstery. Reupholstering process for the home furniture will be time intensive and extensive process. Before beginning the sewing process of the new upholstery fabric, first you need to unbolt the furniture seats and remove the older upholstery for your furniture.
  • Choose the high quality upholstering fabric – It is very important to have the plenty of top quality upholstery fabric for the sewing and installation purpose on your home furniture. If you are an expert in sewing, you just take height, width, and all measurement of your furniture to perfectly make the new upholstery fabric using the sewing machine. Otherwise, you can also make use of the older upholstery fabric to take the best measurements to fit perfectly on your furniture. You have to keep in mind that the type of fabric you have selected has to absolutely suitable for your furniture.
  • Get all the tools ready – For the unbolting and removing the older upholstery fabric from your furniture, you need the different tools such as, flat head screw driver or butter knife, a hammer, piers, sewing machine, and the staple gun. Before starting the stitching process of the new upholstery fabric, you should need to get all these tools ready to begin your own upholstery making process.

Reupholstering home furniture:

Once you are ready to make a new upholstery fabric to replace on your home furniture, you need to follow these steps.

  • Clean the furniture – After removing the older upholstery fabric from the outer portion of your furniture, it is always essential to clean it. In your day to day life, you cannot able to clean the inner portion of your furniture. It is the right time to remove the dusts and dirty areas to completely clean your furniture.
  • Sewing the new upholstery fabric – Now, you have to stitch the new upholstery fabric to replace on your furniture with the measurement of the older upholstery fabric.
  • Staple the new upholstery fabric – In the next step, you need to staple the new upholstery fabric on to the home furniture.
  • Adding the finishing touches – For the neat and perfect look, you can add some of the finishing touches during the reattachment process or reupholster process of the new fabric on your chair, sofa, couch, or some other home furniture items.



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